This Month in Microsoft Teams: January 2021 (2:54)

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Collaboration

Microsoft Teams has a robust collection of core functionality, like chat, file sharing, and online meetings, just to name a few. Furthermore, Teams has had hundreds of new features that have been released since its launch. Since the COVID pandemic has forced us to work from home, new functionality for meetings, calling, and so much more have been announced. The purpose of this monthly webinar series, This Month in Microsoft Teams, is to explore all that Microsoft Teams has to offer. Peters’s very own Teams expert, Tim Hohman, will highlight core functionality and discuss new features that can help your organization meet, communicate, and collaborate.

Teams Jumpstart

This series will serve to walk you through the process beginning at step one: Chat. Whether you are new to Microsoft Teams, or ready to implement Teams, this series will help you understand how Teams can streamline productivity. Peters’s solution, Teams Jumpstart, is designed to help you ease into your unique Teams launch.

We begin with an Envisioning & Readiness assessment. This helps us work with you to set goals and expectations for your Teams tenant. Next, we will discuss governance, to help ensure all your data is protected and secured. Then we move onto Adoption Planning. Included in this is the training of employees and promoting use cases. Finally, we will move to the implementation stage. During this phase, you will work with our engineers to configure settings and launch your new Teams tenant. Even though this may sound overwhelming, you can rest assured we are here every step of the way!

Chatting in Teams

This month we discussed the chatting capabilities of Microsoft Teams. Chat in Teams is unlike any other chatting platform with features like persistent chat, adding people to the conversation, and group chats. Persistent chat allows for users to scroll through to the beginning of the conversation and re-read what was said, shared, or tagged, without worrying about messages expiring. In chat, you can also add someone to a conversation. In doing this, the individual added can even catch up on what was said before they got there! Furthermore, you can even create group chats of up to 9 people.

Group chats are useful to discuss high-level concepts that may require interdepartmental conversation, and avoid tedious meetings. This helps keeps calendars open, and email inboxes empty (who doesn’t love keeping their inbox at 0). Another way users can take advantage of group chat is within a Teams group. When you are ready to implement Teams, you will be asked to create groups like Sales, Marketing, HR, etc. Within each of these “groups”, there is a chat tab, this tab allows users to communicate with members of the group quickly and easily.

The simplicity doesn’t stop there! Once you are ready to take the next step, you can use Teams for things like Meetings, Calling and Conferencing, and so much more! Be sure to register for our next session on February 16th at 11 am to learn about Teams Meetings.

If you are ready to get started with chat, reach out to us at or give us a call at 630.832.0075.

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