This Month in Cyber Security September Preview (1:56)

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New cyber threats emerge on a weekly basis, but are all of them relevant to your organization? Each month, our security team will host a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats and breakdown their applicability to small and medium-sized organizations, and cost-effective steps to mitigate risk.

September had a lot of topical cyber news. From fake Hurricane Florence recovery fundraisers, to domain-spoofing techniques, to password management, protecting yourself and your business is critical.

Slide deck – This Month in Cyber Security – September 2018

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FBI – PSA: Cyber Criminals Utilize Social Engineering Techniques To Obtain Employee Credentials To Conduct Payroll Diversion –

Compliance in the News:​
CA Privacy Law (1/1/2020) –​
NY Dept of Financial Services Cybersecurity Law (Aug 2017)


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