This Month in Cyber Security: September 2019 (2:18)

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Security

Cyber security is an often-overlooked risk in today’s business world. It’s important to know not all threats are created equal. Some threats are created to attack a specific person, and some are designed for large scale attacks. We even see intricately designed threats that breach a network in little pieces, leading to total devastation.

Each month Bruce Ward, our VP of Business Strategy, hosts a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats and breaks down their applicability to SMBs. Additionally, Bruce takes a dive into cost-effective steps to mitigate risk.


The latest threat to hit the cyber security world is “Vishing” attacks. These attacks use the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence and use it to trick employees. One story we discuss is how a CEO had been duped by this intelligent software.

Check out the full-story here.

Next, another threat tricking unsuspecting victims, the silent hackers from 2017. These silent hackers made it possible to install silent monitoring software’s onto iPhones via 3rd party browsers. The good news, Apple’s iOS updates appear to have resolved the issue.

Learn more about what Apple did here.

Email Protection

Do you know your defaults? Some unsuspecting iPhone and Google Calendar users didn’t, and now they have spam on their calendars. This clever trick has hackers sending invites to your email and automatically attaching to your calendar. With an event already in your calendar, your guard is down and click rates are sent skyrocketing.

Prepare yourself, learn more here.

Emergency Response

September was National Emergency Preparedness Month. Typically, emergency preparedness means setting up action plans for physical security. We think it’s important for you to take a look at your digital landscape as well. Today, we see ever-evolving and smarter threats. To better protect yourself, you must have an emergency response plan. Do know who to call?

At our annual Taste of Technology event, our keynote speaker, Joe Crimmins from Serve & Protect, discussed the importance of physical security. His simple tenet: Run-Hide-Fight; gives you the general idea of best-case/worst-case scenario and response.

You can read what he had to say here.

Want to watch the full webinar? We’ve added it below just for you:

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