This Month in Cyber Security: May 2021 (2:00)

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The pace and scale of cyber security attacks is increasing. As a result, organizations are reporting new breaches on a daily basis. Not all cyber attacks target small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, every cyber attack holds lessons for SMB leaders. The key to improving your cyber security strategy is measuring your risk and understanding the threat landscape. Our monthly webinar series: This Month in Cyber Security – Bruce Ward, our speaker, helps to explain those risks, explores the latest threats, and how SMBs can secure themselves.

May 2021

May had a lot of security stories to discuss – this month, we reviewed the latest news in cyber security, how and why these stories relate to you, and steps you can take today to improve your security posture. Here is a brief overview of what we discussed:

  •  Colonial Pipelinewhat happened?  Russian operators?  Ran$om paid? Oversized public reaction? Protection vs. Response. Lessons learned.
  • Third Time is the CharmMajor vulnerabilities and patch requirements for Microsoft Exchange in March, April, and now May. What’s happening?
  • Security is Complicated –  vendor vulnerabilities, supply chain attacks, human errors, no enterprise perimeter, longer dwell times and faster reverse engineering. Is simplification feasible?
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