This Month in Cyber Security: June 2019 (2:33)

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This Month in Cyber Security

New cyber security threats emerge on a weekly basis, do you know which of them is relevant to your organization? Each month, our security team hosts a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats and breakdown their applicability to small and medium-sized organizations, and cost-effective steps to mitigate risk.

This month we focused on two vicious viruses, Ransomware and Magecart. A breach within the US Customs and Border Protection Agency leaves hundreds-of-thousands of people at risk, and GPS tampering grounds hundreds of US flights. Check out the recording to find out what this means for SMBs and individuals!

In a pinch? Here are some key takeaways:

  • American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), hit by vicious code embedded in their payment page. Magecart is the one to blame.
  • In a tactic called Sim Swap, criminals trick your phone company into giving them a new phone in your name, giving criminals access to all your personal information.
  • The US Customs & Border Protection agency improperly uploaded a file which led to the facial footprint from 100,000 individuals to be stolen, is your face safe?
  • Ransomware strikes again, Baltimore is still hurting and another city has been targeted.
  • GPS tampering is here, if you have systems that rely on GPS, you may be a target.
  • Bluekeep is the new WannaCry, check out the video to learn what you can do to protect your Microsoft systems.
  • Apple is not as safe as you might think, be wary of phishing calls.

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Watch the full-length webinar below:


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