This Month in Cyber Security: July 2020 (2:00)

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Security

With employees continuing to work from home on a regular basis, our monthly cyber security webinar will help you to understand how those changes affect business security. This month we focused on two key threats to help guide you through this changing landscape: SIM Swapping and Ransomware.

Twitter Hack

This month we saw quite a few high profile individuals’ Twitter accounts hacked. People like Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates, to name a few. It was suspected that the attackers completed successful SIM swapping attacks against Twitter personnel that provided backdoor access to these accounts. This is reminiscent of last summer’s SIM swap on Jack Dorsey’s device. As the owner of Twitter, this especially raised quite a few eyebrows. If you recall a Sim swap is essentially when someone has enough information about your account to impersonate you and to purchase a device under your name with your information on the device. This is a method that attackers have used to beat Multi-Factor Authentication.


Garmin, the navigation system, was hit with Ransomware. This $10M ransom was not paid directly to the hackers however, it is suspected that it was paid by a third-party intermediary to get the key back to their files. This instance was unique in the fact that Garmin decided to pay for their files. When you are hit with a ransomware attack, there are various avenues you can take. One is paying the hackers directly, however you are not guaranteed that you are in the clear. Another is going though the FBI, who can help you recover your files and hopefully avoid paying the ransom.

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