This Month in Cyber Security: July 2019 (2:13)

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This Month in Cyber Security

New cyber security threats emerge on a weekly basis, do you know which of them is relevant to your organization? Each month, our security team hosts a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats. We then breakdown their applicability to SMBs, and talk through cost-effective steps to mitigate risk.


This month we focused on three key areas, Ransomware, Identity, and Phishing:

  • Ransomware, specifically Ryuk software, is as Bruce calls it, a “cocktail” of viruses. This month’s latest attackers used a multi-layered virus to sneak under the radar and effect networks. Ryuk and other Ransomware’s favorite targets are cities. This month we discuss why cities are sitting ducks when it comes to Ransomware.
  • Identity – mainly, why bad actors are the leading risk among major corporations and how that leaves your data vulnerable. Examples we discussed were Capital One and Equifax breaches, how they happened, what these corporations are doing to make things right with their customers and how SMBs can learn from their mistakes (hint, hint, it has to do with the “security black box”).
  • Phishing, the oldest trick in the book. These days hackers are getting smarter with their tricks, they make their emails seem urgent, forcing you to act now. Then, by the time you realize you’ve fallen into their trap, it’s too late… what can you do now? Tune in to the 2-minute snippet to find out!


Looking for a little more information, check out the full-length recording below:

Download the slide deck here!

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