This Month in Cyber Security: January 2022

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Security

2020 has taught us that cyber threats await us around every corner. Even though every threat may not be relevant to you, it’s crucial to understand them. Every month, we host a 30-minute webinar to break down each threat to help you understand its applicability to small and medium-sized businesses. Every presentation concludes with proven methods to reduce your chances of being breached.

Jan 2022

As part of our ongoing vigilance during Cyber Security Awareness Month, we hosted a webinar designed to educate you on the latest news.  We use a format designed to skim the most important/relevant stories from the news, from our efforts with our clients, and from vendor notifications.

Here is a short summary of what we discussed:
  • In the News – Insurance = Bad for Security, Crypto in your AV, Ransomware all angles
  • From the Trenches  – Y2K22 Bug, Patching Pains, Who’s Implementing What, Microsoft Licensing Gymnastics
  • Vulnerabilities – Microsoft, Home Wifi, SOHO Managed Engine

If you have any questions about your cybersecurity needs, or how to get started putting important practices in place, contact us today! You can reach us at or give us a call at: 630.832.0075. We’re here to help!

Download the slide deck, here.

Watch the full recording here & the short snippet below!