This Month in Cyber Security: February 2021

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Security

In this session of This Month in Cyber Security, we discussed on the latest cyber news from this month. While there are a wide range of threats that occur on a daily basis and many may not directly relate to you, it is still important that you understand them to maintain your security posture. In this recap we will go over the three main points of the webinar:
  • Is the Water Safe? – the compromise of the US Water Treatment Facility – what happened and what can we learn?
  • EOL – several key elements of your network have just gone End Of Life.  What does it mean and what should you do?
  • Ransomware – Who are the players, What do they want, Where will they target, When will they strike, and How will I be victimized?

With cyber threats lurking around every corner, we now know it’s not a matter of IF you experience a cyber attack but WHEN. That being said, let’s get into it.

Is the water safe?

There are many ways a cyber criminal can break into a network. For example, open RDP ports, weak passwords, or unpatched software just to name a few. These vectors are assumed to be how a water treatment facility in Florida had been hacked into with Windows 7 devices. This hacker had increased the amount of sodium hydroxide (lye) to the water to dangerous levels. However, this story does have a happy ending. An employee was able to catch this change in water before being distributed to the public.

You can learn more about this story here.

End-of-Life (EOL)

It’s important to keep your systems up to date. Do you know if your organization is currently running on End-of-Life products? Check out our End-of-Support

(EOS) webpage to find out. This page lists products most commonly used by our customers, that are entering EOL from 2020 through 2022.

This Month in Cyber Security_FEB21_EOL

In our webinar, we mentioned two products not on this page:

  1. Flash This common browser player had entered EOL at the end of 2020. Even though the player entered EOL, the code has stayed on many machines. Due to the lack of security within their code, Flash will need to be removed from your machines. To manually do so, the KBI# for this is 4577586. However, Microsoft will be removing Flash player from their Office updates.
  2. Edge – The old Microsoft edge browser known as Edge Legacy, will be entering EOL on March 9th. The April release for patch Tuesday, will automatically remove Edge Legacy for devices running on Windows 10 RS4 through 20H1. The browser that will be replacing Edge Legacy, will be Microsoft Edge.

If you are ever overwhelmed with how to maintain system updates, check out this blog from our Principal Architect, John Fedor. (link needed)


Being operated by “family businesses” or gangs, this alone sets Ransomware apart from other threats. These “families” or gangs, truly operate as a business. Designed with owners at the top, and affiliates at the bottom; affiliates are those who victims run into. Affiliates are the one getting into the networks and locking up files, owners are raking in the ransom. What makes these “families” so unique is that 84% ransomware attacks are executed by the top 6 “families.”

With Ransomware lurking around every corner, it is important to keep your guard up. To better understand the ransomware threat landscape, and how to be prepared, download our Ransomware guide.

What can you do?

We covered quite a few topics in This Month in Cyber Security, and so much more in the full recording, email us at or call us 630.832.0075 to learn more.

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