This Month in Cyber Security: August 2019 (2:28)

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Security

Each month, Bruce Ward hosts a 30-minute cyber security webinar to discuss the latest cyber threats and breakdown their applicability to SMBs. He even covers important cost-effective steps and solutions to mitigate risk. This month he focused on 3 key areas: Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and 3rd party Breaches.

Here are the key stories:

  • Summer break is extended! (Ransomware) Kids might get excited but schools are feeling the pain of delayed starts due to ransomware attacks. WannaCry, Ryuk, and SamSam all strike again, effecting Texas school districts. These attacks can cause schools to postpone start dates up to 3 weeks. Find out why schools are easy targets here.
  • $1M here, $1M there. (Business Email Compromise) When bad guys inject themselves into email conversations, they can steer your payments to the wrong accounts. Last December, an entire county in North Carolina lost $2.5M in this exact way.  They have since recovered roughly $700K but $1.5M is still unaccounted for, here’s the full story.
  • Your security is my security. (3rd Party Breaches) We find out we’re all interconnected when vendors responsible for our personal information, or that of our kids, have security breaches. Here are this month’s top stories:
    • Naperville SD 203 and 204, bore the consequences of the breach of a popular student management system which exposed student data. This breach exposed 50K student full names, emails, and other personal data. This 3rd party breach has left many students, past and present, vulnerable to attacks.
    • Apple is listening… In an effort to help Siri better understand the questions we ask her, Apple hired contractors to listen to recordings and conversations. These peeping Tom’s “tutor” Siri in understanding human language by listening even when Siri is mistakenly activated.
    • Hy-vee’s compromised gas pumps, coffee shops, and restaurants exposed 5M+ customer credit cards. This point-of-sale malware is capable of copying data and allows for counterfeit cards to be made.

How can you step up your cyber security game?


Check out the full-length webinar below:

Download the slide deck here!

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