This Month in Cyber-Security August Preview (Video 2:03)

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New cyber threats emerge on a weekly basis, but are all of them relevant to your organization?

Each month, our security team will host a 30-minute webinar to discuss the latest threats and breakdown their applicability to small and medium-sized organizations, and cost-effective steps to mitigate risk. August was filled with security events affecting small to midsized businesses.

From an ATM cashout scheme targeting weak passwords, to new ways to deliver crypto-mining malware, to new vulnerabilities targeting the smart phone in your pocket, there are many new ways you may be targeted by bad actors. We also cover simple steps to make your office 365 environment more secure, and patching updates for the month.

(1) ATM Cashout & Password Security
(2) Cryptomining: New Methods to Deliver malware
(3) SIM Swappers – Hacking your phone
(4) Security Auditing in Office 365
(5) Patching Updates for August 2019

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Full Slide Deck: 08.28.2018 – This Month in Cyber Security

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Watch the full, 30-minute webinar below: