This Month in Cyber Security: April 2021 (1:44)

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Security

The pace and scale of cyber security attacks is increasing. As a result, organizations are reporting new breaches on a daily basis. Not all cyber security attacks target small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). However, every cyber security attack holds lessons for SMB leaders. The key to improving your cyber security strategy is measuring your risk and understanding the threat landscape. Our monthly webinar series: This Month in Cyber Security, helps to explain those risks, explores the latest threats, and how SMBs can secure themselves. Each month Bruce Ward, our speaker, discusses the latest news in cyber security, steps you can take to mitigate risk, and how you can improve your security posture.

April 2021

April had a lot of security stories to discuss including: fish tanks, air fryers, Exchange vulnerabilities and why the FBI is a superhero, Apple’s leaked design, browsers and more! Here is a brief summary of our discussion:

  • Interesting quotes from industry leaders:
    • 2020 was worse than the previous 15 years combined
    • The #1 concern to the economy is cyber risk
  • Furthermore, what makes the threat landscape run counter to the idea: Spring is here, vaccine shots are progressing, and the stock market is up.
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