This Month in Cyber Security: April 2020 (1:31)

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Security

As we all know the shelter-in-place order has been extended in Illinois. To help push through these unique times, we hosted our monthly This Month in Cyber Security webinar. This month’s installment focused on business continuity challenges related to COVID-19. The three areas that we covered were mid-market security lapses, conferencing tools, and remote worker scams.

Mid-Market Security Lapses

Using the graphs below, you can gain a better understanding of the hidden risks. The graph on the left shows new websites that have been created with names related to COVID-19. The orange line represents “bad” websites, and the blue are “good” or safe websites. To the right, this graph demonstrates daily traffic. Which shows, unfortunately, that users are going to these “bad” sites, and likely unknowingly. Together, these graphs demonstrate how risky the internet really can be, even outside of a global pandemic. To combat this uneasy environment, at Peters & Associates we use Cisco Umbrella. This helpful tool, monitors and blocks unknown and known “bad” websites, prohibiting traffic to those sites.

Conferencing Tools

The second focus of April’s This Month in Cyber Security, was on the security of several popular conferencing tools. The most common conferencing tools we see our customers using are Zoom, WebEx, Teams, and GoToWebinar. The two most popular platforms being leveraged among clients are Zoom and Teams.

The major difference between Zoom and Teams, is that Zoom is used solely for conferencing. Teams, is a multi-use platform which supports conferencing along with various other features. To learn more about the security differences between Zoom and Teams, check out this blog.

Remote Worker Scams

The final portion of This Month in Cyber Security focused on educating viewers on remote worker scams. Two major scams we have seen are, again, related to coronavirus. The most common scams we are seeing are related to stimulus checks and COVID-19 relief donations. Often times, these bad actors are impersonating the FBI or other organizations via social media, email, and phone calls. Here are a few tips to help identify a bad actor:

If you have any questions about the topics above, or if you would like help getting started with Cisco Umbrella or other Managed Security Services, we are happy to help! You can reach out to us at or give us a call at 630.832.0075

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