This Month in Cyber Security – 4.24.2018

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For the last 26 months consecutively, we have provided 30-min overviews of security “stories” on the last Tuesday of the month.  Today’s webinar was no exception.  Here are some of the highlights shared from “This Month in Cyber Security – April 24, 2018” which is also recorded (video 26:07).  For a little fun, we provided this in quiz format!

  1. The NIST Cyber Security Framework graphic is important because it:

a. Reminds us that security exercises begin with IDENTIFY-ing data and value thereof.

b. Illustrates DETECT-ion as central to your security strategy and a bridge to reacting.

c. Demonstrates equal value of Reaction to Prevention…a common oversight in organizational security strategies.

d. All of the above

2. The reason for the oversized pointer to the Identity piece of the Peters & Associates security wheel is because:

a. Identity plays a critical role through all layers of security controls.

b. The arrow was an oversight and missed by our editing group.

c. The whole thing is simply a maze in disguise and we needed a “Start Here” arrow.

d. None of the above

3. We introduced the idea of the Identity Perimeter pictured below to:

a. Prove that castles really are an effective housing option for modern datacenters.

b. Protect against modern threats such as Phishing/Credential theft, SaaS applications and BYOD devices not currently protected by network perimeters.

c. Confuse all attendees

d. All of the above

During this discussion, we described in detail stories from the field where customers were seeing the following violations in their environment:

Scenario:  Actively compromised mailboxes with logins often from foreign countries.  The intruder is monitoring emails for discussions of financial matters and intercepting / replying as the owner with falsified bank routing details.  Furthermore, they are protecting notifications with mailboxes rules intercepting warnings saying “phishing, hacked or other common terms”.

4. We talked about a turnkey offer we leverage using Microsoft identity controls that:

a. Evaluates the current security posture of your O365 for 40+ mis-configurations

b. Jump-starts use of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to 10 users with a combination of Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and others along with solid experience

c. Overviews a systematic process to keep checking many of the 40+ misconfigurations to maintain a solid security posture and “detect” breaches

d. All of the above

If you need a 2 minute overview of what we’re doing – check out this video.  For the answer key to above (or if you prefer to just get started) give me a shout or hit  and we’ll set up a time to talk it through.