The evolution is here. Are you worried yet? – Ransomware Series Part 5

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The ransomware threat is a business – and what do businesses have to do to continue to remain in business? Develop new products or services to increase revenue. So what does that say for ransomware? That means it isn’t going away any time soon – any business or consumer needs to keep up with the trends and latest threats to protect themselves from it.

The Evolution

Ransom Negotiation

Cyber criminals are now willing to negotiate the price

  • With over one billion dollars in revenue from cyber crimes last year, the criminals now have a heart to negotiate a better deal for you. It sounds too good to be true? That’s because the average ransom price is going to go up.
  • Paying the ransom is only going to cause the business model to prosper, so if the business model continues to be successful then ransom will go up year after year and the threats will continue to increase.

Critical Business Systems Focus

Previously a cyber hacker’s sole focus was on getting ransomware in your environment through any means possible. If they were successful with a $500 or $1000 ransom, then they were pleased. I guess they are bored and are focused on building their revenue now because they are going to take their time and do more research about you, your business, your vendor contacts, your friends, and your family to trick you into installing ransomware.

New Targets & Threats

Per Botnet Payout

Cyber criminals can now push out botnets with ransomware. What does that mean? It means cyber criminals are hiring junior cyber criminals to push out a botnet. There now isn’t an urgency to get the smartest and brightest criminals to get your data. The junior cyber criminals get payment based on the number of successful botnet deployments in your environment. It is called Ransomware as a Service – catchy isn’t?

Public Works and Manufacturing

  • Let’s use the example of a water treatment facility – ransomware can focus on these facilities and force a demand of payment. If not received, they can slowly increase the chlorine levels in your community’s water supply.
  • Do you have equipment used for measuring, counting, or doing anything analytical on your network? Well guess what – they can change the formula for your product ingredients or even terminate the power to your facility until you pay them ransom.

Dentists and Healthcare Providers

Cyber criminals are working hard to get your attention. They are doing this by sending you records from a known provider that you work with or an X-ray from one of your client’s doctors. They are educating themselves on who you do business with to trick you into getting infected.

Next Steps

There are many things that cyber criminals are focusing on this year, so it would be naive to think you are not at risk.  New threats evolve and emerge each year as the cyber crime revenue increases.  It is recommended that you start learning about cyber crimes and how it can affect you to prepare your environment.

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