How should we use Office 365 applications?

Many clients and prospective clients ask me: What Office 365 (O365) applications should we use in our business?   That’s a hard question to answer, because every organization has its own business processes, culture, experience in existing Microsoft applications, and familiarity in using a cloud-based system. In my experience, an organization will have much better adoption [...]

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Office 365 Encryption Button

Most organizations have policies that dictate the type of communications that must be encrypted. Sensitive information is sent across organizations on a daily basis, and Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) can protect emails even when at-rest in a mailbox. But, the process manually encrypting emails can be overly technical and not user friendly. Microsoft has developed some [...]

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Office 365 – to backup or not backup?

As each day passes, more and more organizational data is making its way to Office 365 as a repository.  Whether you’re just beginning your journey to O365 or are already there, you inevitably have asked: “Do I need to backup my data in Office 365?” Our experience is that most organizations have chosen NOT to [...]

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Microsoft 365

We like to think of Microsoft Office 365 (M365) as a suite of suites including:  Office 365, Enterprise Mobility +Security (EMS), and Windows 10.  This technology bundle unlocks the popular productivity bundle of Office 365 with Office, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive, Groups, Planner, SharePoint Online and much, much more.  Combine this with the management and security [...]

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Understanding Email Retention

Email retention has long been a sore spot for many organizations and has been known to cause heartburn for both IT and legal personnel.  This has been an issue for quite some time, but a recent conversation with an organization I've worked with in Chicago for many years recently brought this up: they are still [...]

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Power Apps: Adapt to Big Data Recap

PowerApps is one of the simplest, most useful tools available to Microsoft users. It allows you to customize Office 365 and Dynamics 365 with scalable apps that span productivity and business data. You can tailor SharePoint Online with PowerApps, use it with Microsoft Teams, and build applications on Dynamics 365. The possibilities are endless!  But [...]

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Office 365: Modern Workplace Preview (1:58)

In the final installment of our Modern Workplace webinar series we explore Office 365. Office 365 includes many helpful applications, but Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive only scratch the surface of the potential value of Office 365. Discover how you can deploy, support, manage and use Microsoft’s Office platform to help empower your employees and [...]

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Into the Weeds of PowerApps Licensing

Microsoft prides itself on including many of its new products and features within its existing offerings. This is true for its analytics products: Power BI and PowerApps. While Power BI allows for integrating SaaS applications into common, shareable dashboards, PowerApps also allows organizations to build custom applications that support this data without having a highly [...]

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Enterprise Mobility + Security: Modern Workplace Preview (2:05)

By helping your organization fully leverage Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can simplify your IT environment by unifying management across all users, devices, apps, and services. Learn how Microsoft safeguards your data and intellectual property with built in security, and how to maximize EMS’s value to small and mid-sized business in our Enterprise Mobility + Security [...]

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Modern Workplace

When employees feel enabled to do their best work, they are engaged and satisfied. To deal with evolving business needs, distributed teams, and an increasingly complex threat environment, Microsoft must maintain a responsive, modern workplace. This comes in their Microsoft 365 offering which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. These products [...]

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