We’re On IT: Managed Security Recap (3:00)

We’re On It: Managed Security If you own or work at a small to mid-size business (SMB), your organization might not be investing enough in cyber security. Increasing competition in the field has caused the cost of hiring, training, and retaining cyber security experts to skyrocket. Managed security offerings can mitigate those costs, is it [...]

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Our PULSE Alarm Security Response service provides 24×7 monitoring, alerting, and response for security events on your critical infrastructure. Using our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform our team can help identify and respond to security breaches to minimize loss. Included within PULSE Alarm is an annual vulnerability scan, weekly security analyst trend reviews, [...]

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PULSE Complete Remote End User Management

You have more important things to worry about than deploying and setting up the security controls on your employee’s workstations. Within our PULSE Support and Managed Services, Peters & Associates offers Complete Remote End User Management. This covers basics like new workstation set-up, user account management, and mobile device management. It also focuses on securing [...]

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The Benefits of Performance and Health Monitoring

Monitoring the health and performance of your devices is one of the most important activities for an IT staff to conduct. Not only does this provide valuable visibility into your infrastructure, it also allows you to be proactive in your management and maintenance. Implementing 24/7 monitoring can be more cost effective and improve the experience [...]

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Reduce Ransomware by 70%

How can you accomplish this? It’s simple - Security Awareness training. Your employees are your frontline of defense against virtually all ransomware and malware. Effective Security Awareness training can reduce malicious activities by 70%.[i] It is just like teaching your employees a new job function - it’s a process. As employees learn, they will begin [...]

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Ransomware + SIEM = Pre-detection

When companies are hit by ransomware, they are often caught off-guard. Many organizations believe that ransomware attacks are completely at random – with no warning signs. However, with the right tools in place, you can identify the foundation of an attack before the damage is done. The Stages of a Ransomware Attack Generally, there are [...]

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What does a Cyber Hacker really want? – Ransomware Series Part 6

There are several things that Cyber Hackers really want with you and your environment. Sure they want to make money and exploit your data, but we're talking the granular things that Cyber Hackers want... So what is it, you ask? It's simple – they want 3 things… They want to find a way to get [...]

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Managed Firewall Services – Reasons to have it

Managing your firewall is taxing on your people and your business. You have to maintain the level of expertise, ensure everything is documented, and make sure that if someone leaves you can quickly ramp up another resource - hoping that the backup tech you trained for the past year can do the job as well as [...]

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Spoiled Milk – Avoiding Expired Certificates

Expired certificates happens frequently enough to our clients: life is good, all systems working.   Then mysteriously, you start getting communication failures with an application like Skype for Business.  Turns out, a certificate expired at 11:14 am today and now communication between machines isn’t trusted.  Remedying the issue isn’t too bad in most cases, but [...]

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I’m infected with Ransomware. What do I do? – Ransomware Series Part 3

You’ve been infected with ransomware, you need to act quickly to save your data.  Disconnect from WiFi or unplug from the network immediately. You have to be off of the network so the infection does not spread to other machines or directories. Use System Restore or a backup solution to get back to a known-clean [...]

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