5 Keys to Successful Data Analytics Projects

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Business Intelligence, Collaboration | 0 comments

You want to make decisions with better, more timely data. And you know you have the data you need – somewhere. Where is it? How do you get to it? Once you start digging into a BI or data analytics project, it starts to feel very big very quickly – sometimes, overwhelming. So what are the keys to driving a successful analytics project that will have your entire organization beating down your door for more?

1.  Start small and get a “quick win”

If you look at all the data available across your company and try to tackle it all at once, you’re facing a large, long project. Instead, pick an initial project that can be completed in a short period of time. Showcase information that has value and impact to high-profile stakeholders in your company. Build an initial data warehouse that starts with the data you need for that first project, but is designed to be expanded on later.

2.  Keep it agile – build in iterations

Once you have the first project under your belt, use the feedback from it to both expand on the first one and design the next. Use an agile software development methodology – keep the discussion moving between your technical team and your user community. Make sure the consumers of the data are involved in the discussion and are seeing regularly feedback from them. Build your team around that process, so they are always able to deliver quickly and adapt responsively.

3. Build on the excitement

Keep the conversation moving. As more people see what’s possible, new requests will crop up faster than you can respond to them. Build on that excitement to keep driving the process forward.

4.  Focus solutions around key business decisions

Given the amount of data that is available to organizations today, it is all too easy to get sucked down the rabbit-hole, exploring everything that is out there. This can easily derail a project. Just because you have data to play with doesn’t mean it’s worth spending the time with. Focus on the business decisions that matter, and the data related to them.

5.  Project sponsors who are passionate

Everyone says it, but it’s so often ignored – make sure you have project sponsors who are passionate about being able to empower their teams and their own work with data driven decisions. They can make or break a project – so make sure they are on board!

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