SharePoint Online – When Timing on the Recurring Events is Incorrect

by | May 2, 2018 | Collaboration | 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that sometimes calendar events display the wrong time piece for the start or end date of recurring events? It often has to do with Daylight Savings!  However, not all events have this issue – read on to learn more.


Recurring events will display the time an hour off when they are looked at in Calendar view. The Daylight Savings changes are not getting applied to some of the recurring events in the calendar – however, other recurring events are displaying accurately in Calendar view. The disputed items will display the time accurately when the item is viewed individually in the view items page.

This issue occurs for events that have a start date of 2007 and older.  All other events display the correct time.

Root Cause:

Per Microsoft, changes were made to the Daylight Savings Time logic in 2007. Therefore, it is an unfortunate side effect due to the architecture of the code in current SharePoint online sites because of how Daylight Savings Time is calculated for reoccurring events.

The issue here is related to the fact that the event(s) are reoccurring events and also have the recurrence starting before 2007.

Resolution/Work Around:

Here are some steps you can take to ‘resolve’ the timing display issue:

-Update the event to keep the month/day accurate but change the year to sometime after 2007.

-Additionally, to retain the actual year, add a separate datetime field to the calendar list.

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