Through our blogs and recent events, we have been engaging in the conversation of how the Internet of Things (IoT) can transform your business and enable you to capitalize on new opportunities by harnessing the data of connected “things.”

However, this also brings about security concerns including secure management of IoT devices, as well as IoT endpoint and data security.  You need to ensure that you safeguard your customers and private information, secure your devices, and ultimately protect your brand, while still reaping all of the benefits of IoT.

So what does it all mean?

As more companies move towards leveraging information from IoT devices, the attack surface essentially becomes much larger as a good portion of the data being captured lives outside of the organization.  In addition, most of these devices are sensor-based, providing limited ability to leverage traditional protective solutions such as antivirus and encryption.

Current and developing security solutions for IoT can essentially be grouped as follows:

  • Device management: provides secure, scalable and device-independent identity, access, and relationship management; enables provisioning of devices through the ability to download software, patches, or other updates
  • Endpoint and data security: protects endpoints where traditional authentication or encryption cannot be leveraged; anti-tampering functions; ensures personal data privacy
  • Asset discovery: detects devices, including those that are not continuously connected; captures device information, such as attributes and entitlements, to create IoT inventories for identity and access management; in many cases, this additionally provides real time visibility and control.

As IoT adoption continues to expand and grow, the potential scale of these deployments requires new approaches to security monitoring, detection, and response.  This is a great opportunity to leverage cloud solutions to scale for both security services and the management of data from these devices! Automation and technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, can also be utilized to help manage and operate IoT systems.

The IoT security market is continuing to grow and evolve; requirements and solutions are growing rapidly and continually changing.  Similar to the amount of data generated from these devices, it can be complex and overwhelming at first.  Gain up-to-date knowledge and peace of mind by partnering with a professional security consultant to:

  • Assess your existing IoT infrastructure and future state looking for any gaps
  • Evaluate your risk exposure for both IoT and your organization as a whole
  • Review any regulatory or compliance requirements that need to be addressed
  • Educate the entire organization on security, including specific considerations around IoT
  • Ensure continual visibility and control of your IoT devices

We can help with all aspects of a creating, deploying, and maintaining a successful IoT initiative within your organization.   Contact us at or 630.832.0075.