School IT Support – By the Numbers

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Managed Services | 0 comments

Many school IT Support teams share certain characteristics across their district, but cost metrics vary greatly. Among the reasons for this variability are tools, outsourcing, and classroom initiatives (such as 1:1).

In the last several years, we have gathered significant data on IT staffing models and metrics in districts.  This anonymized data is provided below as evidence to support the positions illustrated.  While there are disparities in spending levels and/or district structure (K-12 or Consolidated Unit), several commonalities stuck out among the numbers:For every commonality found, however, at least one disparity existed that required explanation:*Tech Spending does NOT account for IT Salaries and Benefits.

Through interviewing and analysis of districts, below are several of the variables that drove down some of the cost metrics for IT support at the leading districts:

  • Tools: Efficient districts tended to employ technology to diminish the impact of repetitive tasks, as well as centralize support functions.
  • Process: In addition to standards, leading districts had a good rhythm around patch management, backup, workstation replacement, and support escalation.
  • Outsourced Assistance: While every district leveraged vendors for support to some degree, the leaders leaned on solid providers that infused a range of skills/technology into IT.

The data provided is only a sample used for illustrating how tools, process, and people can supplement the increasingly difficult work of support staff.  We are happy to collect and analyze metrics for your district and provide you graphical reports showing your district’s position against the baseline.

Are you ready to see how your district stacks up? You can connect with me at, I’d be happy to help!