Improve Cybersecurity in Schools with a Managed Security Services Provider

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Schools are appealing targets to cybercriminals. In fact, they have become such frequent victims of cyberattacks that the FBI issued a warning about cybersecurity specifically for schools late last year. The warning states that the “U.S. school systems’ rapid growth of education technologies (EdTech) and widespread collection of student data could have privacy and safety implications if compromised or exploited.”

Any school, regardless of size or the community it serves, can be a target. However, school district budgets are often stretched thin, and IT administrators find their hands full with keeping school tech up and running. Managed IT service providers can increase school cybersecurity without increasing the burden on your IT staff.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using a managed IT service provider for cybersecurity in schools:

School Cybersecurity

1. 24/7 Availability

There’s never a convenient time for a cybersecurity issue, and even the most dedicated school IT administrators take time off. A managed IT service provider offers 24/7 monitoring and availability, so threats are contained and mitigated around the clock.

With schools are being targeted with phishing emails, ransomware, DDoS attacks and more, constant monitoring is critical. Your school’s security can’t take time off.

2. Cybersecurity Expertise and Accountability

A managed IT security advisor offers cybersecurity expertise, using the best solutions from the private sector to ensure your school’s security. Managed IT security providers work closely with school IT admins to evaluate school cybersecurity vulnerabilities through vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

Once your security advisors know your school’s vulnerabilities, they will work with you to develop a plan to improve security that makes sense for your school and your budget. From there, a security advisor will provide regular reports on the status of cybersecurity in your school.

School Cybersecurity

3. Predictable Costs and Services

Cost is always a factor for schools. When an IT issue arises, your IT admins may be putting in overtime to resolve issues. If you need to call in outside support unexpectedly, the costs go up even more.

A managed IT security advisor offers predictable costs month after month. You know exactly how much to budget, allowing you to spend more on improving services for your students. Further, the small up-front costs for security services help schools avoid massive expenses down the road by preventing costly security breaches.

Choosing a Provider

Choosing a managed IT service provider for your school is a big decision. Peters & Associates has been offering IT managed services for 36 years. We tailor our services to each of our clients and use best-of-breed solutions to secure our school partners.