Reviewing your Office 365 Security Periodically

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Security | 0 comments

As mentioned in a few of my previous blogs, periodic review of settings, available options and logs can help protect or identify possible issues in your world.  We offer a couple of solutions that help tackle these items for Office 365.  The Security Health Check for Office 365 is a “one-time” review of several key components.  The Weekly Security Audit for Office 365 is a weekly report that is generated, reviewed by one of our consultants, and sent to you with notes of any items that should be reviewed further.  The following will help you determine why you would benefit from either or both.

Security Health Check for Office 365

This is a “one-time” check that reviews over 20 areas and provides guidance on features that may not be implemented in your organization.   There is a consultation that occurs to discuss the findings.  This is more of a hands-on review of the configuration of the environment, with experienced eyes providing insight into what was uncovered.

Weekly Security Audit for Office 365

This weekly review contains a subset of the Security Health Check for Office 365.  This process is largely automated and generates an HTML report that highlights what gaps may exist in your environment.  Some of the advantages of doing this on a weekly basis include:

  • Shortening the time before addressing issues that may have been uncovered
  • Being able to compare some of the settings for changes that may have occurred
  • Being able to review logs before they are no longer available
  • Raising awareness on trending license utilization

We are regularly adding new features to help detect potential security concerns.

Why Peters & Associates?

One of the first questions I receive regarding some of these items is “Can’t I do this myself?”  The answer is “Absolutely.”  But some of the reasons for “Why Peters & Associates?” include:

  • We provide additional insight from our exposure and experiences.
  • We generate the information and deliver it to you in a digestible format versus you spending time gathering up the information as your time permits.
  • We help raise awareness of new features that you may not be leveraging that will help improve security for your organization.
  • We’ve helped identify compromised accounts in a few organizations through this process that were otherwise undetected.

The Security Health Check for Office 365 is a point-in-time offering we provide.  However, much like an external vulnerability assessment (which we can perform as well), this process should be repeated on a regular basis (semi-annual or annual) and ideally should be coupled with the Weekly Security Audit for Office 365 to help maximize your visibility to security conditions in your environment.

Hopefully, this helps shed some light on some of our offers.  If you’re looking for us to review your Office 365 security once in a while or on a regular basis, contact us at We are happy to help!