Reports, Reports, Get Your Office 365 Reports Here!!!

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Collaboration

What is one big portion of Office 365 that I feel is under-utilized?  All the reports that are built in!  Taking the time to review the reports can provide some amazing insights into how the environment is being used and how people may be trying take advantage of it.  There are three main areas where reports can be found quickly: Office 365 Admin Center, Security & Compliance Center, and Teams/Skype admin interface.   

Office 365 Admin Center 

Within the Office 365 Admin center: there is a section named Reports.  This is where we can gain access to some usage reports. 

Under the Reports section you are led to “Usage” and “Security & Compliance.” First, we will explore the usage reports. 

The default dashboard report that appears shows the Active Users and what services they are using, such as: 

  • Email Sent, Received, and Read 
  • One Drive total storage used 
  • SharePoint Files shared internally, shared externally, viewed/edited, and synced 
  • Skype conversations and meetings 
  • Teams chat and channel 
  • Office Activations 

Each of these reports can be opened for deeper and detailed analysis.  The reports show data grouping options of 7, 30, 90, and 180 days. 

In the upper left hand corner is a dropdown allowing you to pick a specific reportMy favorite report that I find people don’t know about is the “Email app usage” report. 


The Email app usage report gives an administrator the data around what applications are being used to access Exchange Online and which users are using the applications. 

Security & Compliance 

Within the Office 365 Admin Center Reports section you may notice the Security & Compliance option, but it will just tell you to go to the Security & Compliance center 

Once you are in the Security & Compliance center’s dashboard you should see a number of reports.  If you didn’t go straight to the dashboard you will want to find the Reports section in the menu on the left and then go to the dashboard. 

This area is where a significant amount of data can be found to help identify problems with users, and possible users, being targeted by phishing attempts. 

Similar to the reports in the Admin Center, clicking into these reports will provide additional details. 

As an example, this report area can be valuable for anyone who needs to provide statistics and metrics on how much spam or malicious emails were prevented from being delivered. 


The last area where useful and easy to access reports can be found to provide insights is within the Teams admin center: 

On the left hand side, you can find the “Analytics and reports” section.  This area is just a more detailed and easier way to get similar usage statistics that were found on the Office 365 Admin Center page. 


However, this section makes it a little easier to download the reports once you have them.  Of course, you can always still log into the legacy Skype for Business admin center if you have access to it.  In the Skype for Business admin Center you will find there is a “reports” section on the left had side. 

In the Skype reports section, you can find reports related to PSTN Usage and users blocked. 


Bonus Reporting 

There are many reports that can be found in Office 365 by default and even more reporting you can do with some additional licenses.  As an example, if you purchased Azure AD Premium licenses you can more easily find reports related to login attempts for users.  This data can help in troubleshooting MFA login issues, or even if people are getting targeted with logins from other locations or countries. 

Another valuable license tool set that can help expand the reporting capabilities is PowerBI.  We have an extensive amount of blogs exploring that solution so be sure to visit our blog site to learn more! 

The reports built into Office 365 can provide some truly amazing insights into the services used by your organization.  Make sure to get the most out of your Office 365 services! Using reports can help represent the value to managers and any inquiring minds.  Need more information? Email We are happy to help.