Reduce Ransomware by 70%

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Security | 0 comments

How can you accomplish this? It’s simple – Security Awareness training. Your employees are your frontline of defense against virtually all ransomware and malware. Effective Security Awareness training can reduce malicious activities by 70%.[i]

It is just like teaching your employees a new job function – it’s a process. As employees learn, they will begin to identify abnormalities in your email or even in your environment. When they are trained to know what to look for in emails that can be suspicious it becomes a habit. On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic (research has shown that this is about 66 days to be exact).[ii]

What are the things you should spot in an email?

  • Subject Line
    • Is it relevant to you? Are there spelling errors?
  • To & From Fields
    • Do you know the contact? Is this an email they would normally send you?
    • Do the email addresses seem real?
  • Time Field
    • Is the time late in the night? Would your contact send you something at that time?
  • Body of the Message
    • Does it sense urgency? Does it even make sense?
  • If there are URLs
    • Are they pointing to the right website? Does it appear to be a real company?

Security Awareness training doesn’t stop at the list above. Employees also learn how security hackers even get your information, what types of information they want, why ransomware is so dangerous, etc. These things help employees to better understand how to protect themselves and your organization. While you could try to conduct this training yourself, it’s recommended that you leverage a service for these purposes. Security Awareness training services conduct research and keep up with cyber trends to ensure your training is up to date. Additionally, these training programs can leverage multiple teaching methods – PowerPoint presentations aren’t an effective way to teach this behavior.

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