Peters and Associates’ PULSE Assure Security Services…Your one stop shop to navigate a complex security threat landscape for your organization

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Security for your enterprise is the number one topic for your organizations executive suite, boards, and IT management.  You need more qualified people to continue to keep watch of your enterprise, especially when you are not there.  This is where Peters & Associates comes to your aid to give you a suite of products to supplement or to offer full service for your security needs.  PULSE Assure is the suite of services that Peters & Associates has to accommodate all your managed security needs.


Identify the needle in your network haystack. Evaluating the countless logs and events that occur on your network can be a daunting, difficult, or seemingly impossible task.  Peters & Associates monitors these logs, events, devices, and users 24/7 so that we are able to zero in on the ones that need to be evaluated and remediated.  Peters & Associates collects and analyzes the log and event data though a Security Information Event and Management (SEIM) solution.  We then take proactive action and sometimes reactive countermeasures to ensure that you environment remains protected.  We will also proactively guide you along the way and perform an annual vulnerability scan to better protect you for the future,


Get piece of mind that your users and entities are behaving properly.  Guard your laptops, desktop workstations, and servers so that they have the protection they need, when they need it, and are updated regularly.  The systems on your network are guarded by a team of Peters & Associates network engineers at the helm to ensure that everything is occurring as it should be, and they are able to react and remediate when they are not.


You can’t fix that which you do not train, test and measure.  Your people can typically be the weakest link in the security chain.  They need to be educated as to the proper practices and safeguards for them to operate on your corporate network.  Phishing and email exploits are common practice today by those that which to capitalize on your business.  So phishing testing with regular security training are critical to your network security plan.  An ounce of prevention can go a long way to protecting your network, organization, and assets.

PULSE Advise

Need an assessment of where you are at?  Need an individual to plan your security strategic direction?  Need to create an Incident Response plan? Need to perform a vulnerability or penetration test?  This is where Peters & Associates can advise you and your organization strategically on what to do, where to start, and how to react in a time of security crisis.  Peters & Associates has qualified resources up to a VCISO level to help assist your organization in developing and testing a best practice security framework.  You can’t improve without validation and testing…and you get nowhere effectively without a plan.

Feel like you are standing in place? Allow Peters & Associates to help get you moving in the right direction. Contact us at to learn more about how you can benefit from managed security services.