Parachute Testing

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Security | 0 comments

I’ve never been skydiving. Most of what I know about skydiving comes from a made-for-TV-movie starring Dennis Rodman called “Cutaway.” (This is not an endorsement of the film. Whatever the opposite of an endorsement is, it’s that.)

Here’s what I do know about skydiving: you jump out of a plane at an incredible height, placing your life in the hand (folds?) of a sheet of fabric. I also know that if I ever need to jump out of a plane, I want a guarantee that my parachute is functional.

Back in the safety of my world, technology, I’d liken the need for a reliable parachute to the need for a reliable backup. The time to test a parachute’s readiness is not when you’re 10,000 feet in the air, just like the time to test the readiness of your backups is not in the midst of a crisis.

Preparing for your Jump

We have covered backup strategies in many other blogs before, so I’ll be brief here. When you plan your backup strategy, you have a few things to consider:

Once you have your plan in-place you’ll move on to implementing a backup solution that meets your requirements. Unfortunately, for many organizations, the due diligence stops there.

Parachute Maintenance

So, what should you be doing to ensure that your backups are going to be there when you need them? Just like a parachute, backups require regular review and maintenance. Here are some steps that should be included as part of any backup management plan:

Just like ignoring these safety precautions in skydiving can lead to personal trauma, foregoing backup maintenance can lead to disaster for your business.

While the steps that I’ve laid out can be followed by many organizations, this may also be an area where you want to defer management to a dedicated support partner. In the case of skydiving, I know I would.

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