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Office 365: Modern Workplace Preview (1:58)

In the final installment of our Modern Workplace webinar series we explore Office 365. Office 365 includes many helpful applications, but Word, Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive only scratch the surface of the potential value of [...]

Power BI: Actionable Insights Recap

The new age of self-service analytics requires a trustworthy centralized version of the truth that is readily accessible to business users with various needs and levels of technical expertise. At Peters & Associates, we harness [...]

Windows 10: Modern Workplace Preview (1:53)

In the second entry in our Modern Workplace webinar series, explore how we use Windows as a core part of your productivity platform to empower employees with digital workstyles and protect their data with built-in [...]

Cloud Workshop for Azure

With 88% of organizations using the public cloud in some capacity, now is the time to leverage all of Azure’s capabilities. Our Azure Cloud Workshop can help you determine which benefits from working in the cloud are [...]

PULSE Complete (Cubed)

Maintaining today’s network environment is challenging.  The maintenance routines known as “keeping the lights on” are taking up a majority of your IT cycles to get them done.  There is a better and more COMPLETE [...]


PowerApps is one of the simplest, most useful tools available to Microsoft users. It allows you to customize Office 365 and Dynamics 365 with powerful apps that span productivity and business data. You can tailor [...]

Into the Weeds of PowerApps Licensing

Microsoft prides itself on including many of its new products and features within its existing offerings. This is true for its analytics products: Power BI and PowerApps. While Power BI allows for integrating SaaS applications [...]

“I Need Computer Help”

Historically, the term “Computer Help” brings a picture to your mind of a human helping another human with the computer.  Maybe one of the below is what pops into your mind? In modern networks of [...]