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Shared Mailboxes in Office 365

Shared mailboxes are helpful in maintaining correspondence with a group of people.  Organizations often use these for centralized distribution to HR, Accounting, or IT Support.  An email is received in the mailbox and multiple people [...]

Planning for SQL 2008 End of Support

Organizations that are still using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or the 2008 R2 version past their end of support date, which occurred on July 9, 2019, could be putting their organizations at risk. Instead, businesses [...]

How to Prepare for Exchange 2010 End of Support

Businesses using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 for their email and calendar services face an upcoming deadline that should not be ignored: October 13, 2020, marks the Exchange 2010 end of support date. After that date, [...]

What keeps you awake at night….

Security is probably something that keeps you awake at night and is top of your mind daily, but it may not be at the top of your organization’s budget.  Your information technology solutions and infrastructure are as important as the lights turning [...]