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3 Things to Consider When Choosing an IT Provider

With digital transformation driving rapid IT expansion within companies, many businesses are turning to IT providers to manage their department’s growing demands. IT providers offer many advantages in the workplace, including boosting productivity, increasing security [...]

What is your cloud strategy?

Migrating to the cloud may sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Microsoft Azure offers businesses a customized, cost-effective IT solution without compromising security.  Cloud technology can be tailored to meet the needs [...]

Managed End User Security

Did your network stay safe over the holiday weekend? Your employees can be the greatest vulnerability or the greatest strength of your cyber security strategy. The difference hinges on the tools that you provide. Peters [...]

HREmployee Self-Service Center

In today’s world, employees need access to Human Resources information and services 24x7.  The Peters & Associates HREmployee Self-Service Center is a Microsoft SharePoint Online application designed to make it easy for your organization’s team members [...]

Wake-up Call on Security

Everywhere you look, people are hawking various security products.  The struggle for many is first, knowing what will work best for their environment and next, what fits in the budget.  Throwing a ton of money [...]

Pizza as a Service

These days, the cloud is everywhere. However, the optimal cloud approach differs depending on a business’s unique needs. While some advocate for an all-in approach to cloud computing, others prefer a more conservative approach, such [...]