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How should we use Office 365 applications?

Many clients and prospective clients ask me: What Office 365 (O365) applications should we use in our business?   That’s a hard question to answer, because every organization has its own business processes, culture, experience in [...]

Small Business Cyber Security Best Practices

To ensure that a company’s data is protected against people with malicious intent, hardware or software failure, or even user error, small businesses must plan and implement cybersecurity best practices – both personal and work. [...]

Too busy fighting fires? Let us take the call!

You have more important things to worry about than deploying and setting up the security controls on your employee’s workstations. Within our PULSE Support and Managed Services, Peters & Associates offers Complete Remote End User [...]

Backup and Managed Backup

Backup process, personnel, and technology often get tested at the wrong time…during a critical recovery.  Passing the test is expected and failure could spell doom.  Take the pressure off you and your IT with Managed [...]