Overcoming Business Challenges of IoT with Microsoft Solutions

by | Apr 30, 2018 | Business Intelligence, Collaboration | 0 comments

The meaning of “Internet-of-Things” (IoT) can be nebulous. The term came into the lexicon around the same time that your fridges and watches started to connect to the web. It loosely refers to the physical devices with sensors that connect to the internet, to other devices, and to users. These devices must collect and communicate data, which can be examined through analytics to result in actionable decisions.

This was a natural next step for technologies, considering any gadget and appliance can add value by incorporating web-connected components. It is taking the innovation that came with smart phones and apps, and applying it to the entire electronics industry. It’s easy to see how this trend would catch on for consumer products, but it can also be very useful for businesses. The trouble comes in implementation.

Implementing an IoT solution is imperative to staying relevant, but it can be difficult. The challenges include a time-consuming setup and integration process. This can cause delays between the initial investment and seeing real value. This break between cost and results is complicated by the fact that embracing IoT requires a hefty upfront investment. Sometimes, hiring additional personnel is needed. Its rare to have the specialized expertise around IoT technologies already in-house. Luckily Microsoft has developed both a SaaS IoT solution as well as an Azure-based PaaS solution that alleviate many of these concerns.

Conquering IoT with a SaaS or PaaS solution has many benefits. It allows you to break down barriers and push new boundaries while leveraging proven technologies. Digital models tend to speed innovation. You can gain value faster and avoid constant updates and remediation, all while building in-house expertise around IoT. Internet-of-Things solutions can adapt to your business by utilizing flexibility and scalability. Real-time usage insights can completely change the way you understand your business, and connecting analytics allows you to make informed decisions. Microsoft IoT Central, the SaaS solution, offers a fully managed solution with very little expertise needed. Azure IoT suite offers more control, while still accelerating time to value.

IoT is the future, and the future is IoT. Almost every appliance, gadget, and device is going to be communicating with the web soon. Devices won’t become less interconnected, so the time is now to start building your preparedness. IoT offers the opportunity for many businesses to embrace analytics. It is your responsibility to be able to accommodate, as well as leverage, this trend. Microsoft’s IoT solutions are some options for easy implementation and execution.

If you want to adapt to the modern device landscape, gain insights to your organization, and start making data-backed decisions, deploy an IoT solution. For help in understanding, implementing, or improving your IoT systems contact the experts at Peters & Associates at info@peters.com.