O365 Security Group Rename

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Collaboration | 0 comments

Many of us have created and used O365 security groups instead of AD groups to assign permissions in SharePoint online sites. In this scenario, where we have used security groups under SharePoint sites for some time, when the security group gets renamed it does not take the update on the SharePoint side.  This blog further explains that scenario and how to resolve it.


O365 Security groups are used in SharePoint online sites for permissions.  When the group name is modified in O365 tenant at some point in the future, the new name does not propagate through in SharePoint sites. It still displays the old name; in the people picker pop-up it will display the new name, but on the permission page it will revert it back to the old name.


There is a hidden “User Information List” in each site collection of the SharePoint Tenant. The user, as well as security groups, are added to the list once that user accesses the site. When we rename the security group, the name does not get changed in this list. It still retains the group under the old name. To access the list, add the following at the end of the site “/_catalogs/users/detail.aspx”.  The User Information List is only visible and accessible to Site Collection Administrators.

Once you browse to the List, filter the list to find the user to be removed and click on the name of the user. It will open the user’s View Items form. Click on “Delete user from Site Collection”.

Now, if you try to Re-Share the Site/List/Item it will display the correct O365 security group. The only drawback of this approach is that wherever that group had permissions, those permissions will be removed and you must re-assign them. You should make a note of the permissions for the group and re-assign them once the new group is re-added.

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