Microsoft Teams: Top 5 Features You’re Not Using

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Collaboration

From mid-March to May, Microsoft saw a 70% increase in their Teams daily active user count, bringing that number to 75 million.  With all the Teams adoption lately, it would be remiss of organizations and end users to miss out on these useful features which are only the tip of the iceberg. 

Here are 5 hidden treasures within Teams that you should be aware of:

  • Emails can be forwarded directly into a Teams channel. Right-click a channel and select the option to Get Email Address.  Emails sent to that address will then be sent to that Teams channel. 
  • The Calendar’s Scheduling Assistant does a great of job of presenting the availability of the invitees by suggesting the best times for the meeting and presenting a single pane view of their combined calendars.
  • Emailing groups of recipients is quite simple using Distribution Groups within Outlook.  You can message people in your organization the same way in Teams using the @Mentions feature.  You can Create and Manage tags in the Teams channel and select which users should be associated.  Then, referencing the tag with the @ symbol, you can alert the entire group to your message.
  • To help digest lengthy content, the Immersive Reader feature can read your posts, chat messages, and assignments aloud. Hover your mouse over a Chat message and select the “…” icon to see more options. Click to select Immersive Reader to have Teams read the message to you at 0.5x to 2.5x speed in a male or female voice. 
  • You can also keep a history of individual messages through Bookmarks. Click on your profile picture, and then select the Saved button to see a list of all the Bookmarks you’ve kept. 

With new features being released in Teams all the time, it is important to keep a pulse on all that Teams is capable of in order to provide the greatest value to your business. To stay on top of all the updates Teams offers, be sure to register for our monthly This Month in Microsoft Teams webinar. Registration can be found on our events page.

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