Microsoft Teams: Top 10 Use Cases for Effective Collaboration (3:01)

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Collaboration

In this webinar, we discussed how customers are taking advantage of new and exciting updates to Microsoft Teams that help make working at a distance easier than ever before. Updates include features like 3×3 video, scheduling, and so much more!

Use Cases:

  1. Process Review – When you create a team designated for process review, you can use the team for tracking and managing timelines, schedules, and tasks.
  2. Event Planning – If your company hosts an annual event like we do at Peters & Associates, Microsoft Teams can help keep your event team organized.
  3. Project Management –  Create a team to help keep track of tasks, timelines, and to-do’s.
  4. Partners – Extranet – Does your company need to manage multiple calendars, files, and reports with people outside your organization? You can create a team to allow clients to securely collaborate with your employees.
  5. Executive – Executive Assistant –  The “Two Person Team” is the perfect way to kick off your Teams journey, at a low-risk scale.
  6. Employee Training – When integrating a new technology within your organization, Microsoft Teams is an excellent platform for employee training.
  7. HR Employee Portal Teams can improve the way your Human Resources department provides resources. With Peters & Associates HR Employee Portal, employees can begin the on-boarding process, request time off, and manage documents.
  8. Marketing – A great example for using Teams at a department level is as a Marketing planning tool. Using your Teams site to hold marketing campaigns, employee bios, and presentations in a secure location.
  9. Remote Workforce – With part of the workforce returning to the office, Teams is a great platform to make sure those who don’t return, are engaged. Features like presence, chat, and calling.
  10. Board Meetings – The final use case for Microsoft Teams is hosting in-person and virtual board meetings from anywhere. Learn more about Teams conferencing solutions here.


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