Microsoft Teams: Office 365 E1 Trial

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Managed Services

If Microsoft Teams isn’t part of your Remote Access strategy, it should be soon.  Here are 3 reasons to consider it:

  1. On March 10th, Microsoft announced free access to Teams for 6 months for all organizations. There are several ways to obtain this free trial depending on current licensing including fancy names such as: Office 365 E1 Trial, Microsoft Teams Exploratory Experience, Microsoft Teams CSP Trial, and several others.

Don’t worry.  Three simple questions will direct what method you’ll use to get licenses:

  • Do you already own Office 365? If so, where are you buying it from?
  • Do you already have Azure Active Directory accounts for another service (ex: Exchange Online Protection)?
  • Are you considered commercial, non-profit, education, or government? Are you already using Teams?

We’ll guide you along in the effort.  We have sifted the numerous partner documents to become experts at licensing and navigating the nuances of this offer from Microsoft.  Check with us to see if you qualify for the pools of Microsoft funding designed to jump-start your environment.

Teams is the primary technology you’ll want to leverage.  If you are fortunate enough to qualify for the 6-month trial of Office 365 E1, keep in mind this is a valuable suite with many technologies helpful to remote access needs for your employees.

Top 10 elements (in ranked order) of free Office 365 E1 Trial:

  • Teams – conferencing, collaboration hub for teamwork, schedules and tasks, and group work repository
  • Exchange Online – 50 GB Mailbox and highly available Exchange services with built-in disaster recovery
  • Planner – project management in a box including task management and teamwork
  • OneDrive – with 1 TB of storage per user
  • SharePoint – intranet, communication, and team sites including forms, workflow, and structured data
  • Web-based Office Apps such as Word Online, Excel Online, OneNote Online (does not include desktop apps)
  • Delve – Search and discovery for information in Office 365
  • Stream – easily store, create, manage, and share videos securely across your organization
  • Sway – create engaging, interactive web-based reports, presentations, newsletters, and training, all from your phone, tablet, or browser
  • Yammer – cross-department communications and sharing


  1. Popularity. Last summer, Microsoft’s solution surpassed the next closest collaboration tool competitor Slack with 13M Daily Active Users (DAU).  A few months ago, they had 22M DAU.  This month, Microsoft has rocketed to 44M Daily Active Users!


If you haven’t already, you will:

  • get invited to a Teams conference from a vendor or supplier
  • get invited to be a “guest” collaborator on a site or document with a partner
  • get asked by employees and owners who want to “collaborate with Teams and join the modern revolution”


  1. Turnkey. While Teams is simplistic in concept, customers have needed help in four areas outlined below and further described on our Teams website:

We have paired up Microsoft’s free Teams offer with our services to provide you fast, efficient onboarding to Microsoft Teams.  To use a fishing analogy – “we can help stock the pond, setup the rules, and teach you to fish.  From there, the employees will feed themselves.”

We have a few offerings for those Getting Started or interested in Teams Voice below and additional items on our Remote Work Solutions page.  If you have any questions about Teams licensing, how to take advantage of the free Microsoft Office 365 E1 trial. or anything else, please contact us at  We are happy to help!