Microsoft Teams Customer Success Story

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Collaboration

Peters & Associates recently partnered with a company to assist with the implementation of Microsoft Teams. This company’s requirements were different than a typical implementation because many of their employees are blind or visually impaired. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit. Some goals of the implementation were:

  • Improving communication
  • Keeping it simple: One application
  • A unified experience
  • Modernizing collaboration and operations
  • Greater efficiency and security through standardization

Because Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration it allows users to stay in one application to accomplish task that used to require multiple programs. This is extremely beneficial when you rely on keyboard shortcuts for navigation. There are over 50 keyboard shortcuts for Teams that allow you to navigate the application without using a mouse.

Through detailed training and documentation employees learned how to chat, share documents, and schedule meetings without leaving the Teams application. One of the most significant advantage of Teams is the ability to have a suggested meeting time available right on the new meeting form. This efficiency alone makes Teams a perfect fit for this environment. A simple task, like opening a file from a shared location, becomes extremely complex when you cannot use a mouse. Having the ability to share a document through chat or a Teams site reduces that complexity and increases efficiency.