Microsoft Teams – Bringing Organizations Together, While Remote (Recap)

by | May 12, 2020 | Collaboration

During these unusual times, Teams helps to bring people together without physically being together. Users have full access to features that allow seamless collaboration, enhanced voice, search, mobility, sharing, and more. Additionally, with built-in security tools like reporting, data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication, your organization can keep bad actors at bay without the extra work. On May 12th, P&A hosted a webinar to discuss all of the above and explain how Microsoft Teams can be your office online! Read on to catch up on what you missed.

Chat, Calling, & Meetings

The ability to chat, call, and meet transforms the way that organizations collaborate internally. With a single application on employee devices, each employee is able to access the files or reach the coworker they need without disrupting their workflow. When navigating within the app users can open open, download, revise, and collaborate on the files they need – like a SharePoint site on steroids. When users are chatting, calling, or conference calling, Teams is like Skype on steroids. Furthermore, Microsoft Teams users are able to schedule meetings from within the app by integrating with the employee’s Outlook calendar. This way when scheduling department or company wide meetings, users can be assured that the meeting is on everyone’s calendar.

Teams Security

Microsoft Teams ties together all the native Office 365 capabilities into one secure and easy-to-use tool. With features like Multi-factor Authentication, data loss prevention, and reporting, accessibility is tightly knit with security. People who are outside of your organization cannot access another organization’s Team without permission. This is incredibly important considering Teams can act as a front end to your SharePoint environment.

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