Microsoft Teams 101: Why You Need Teams, How to Secure Teams, and Getting Started

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Collaboration

Microsoft Teams – its more than chat! Microsoft Teams ties together all the natural Office 365 capabilities into one secure and easy-to-use tool. Modern elements such as collaboration, voice, search, mobility, sharing, etc. are coupled with built-in security. These features include: reporting, data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication to keep bad actors at bay. All of this is designed to break down information silos and overcome common collaboration barriers.

Whether you want to use a Managed Service Provider or manage the application on your own, we’ll help you decide which option is right for you. On February 13th at 11 am as we explored what makes Teams great, how to secure the platform, and give you hand getting started. Read more to find out what you missed!

Skype v. Teams

One of the most common reasons we see people migrating from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams is because Skype will enter EOS on July 31st, 2021.  Not only are most of our customers reliant on Skype for Business but so is the majority of modern businesses. So the question that a lot of our customers are facing is this: Why should we chose Teams over other platforms?

Truthfully, there is no single reason why customer should chose Teams over other platforms – there are many!

  • Chatting made easy. Skype for Business is nearly exclusively a voice and conferencing platform. Teams on the other hand provides so much more, users can chat, call, and share files seamlessly in a single conversation thread. Teams even allows users to easily add or remover someone from the conversation. Depending on how your environment is set up, you never have to worry about losing a conversation; you can easily pull up past conversations within the application.
  •  Office 365 integration. Unlike Sykpe for Business, Teams offers ready to use Office 365 integration. Upon setup, users already have access to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, streamlining collaboration. To keep track of all important deadlines, Teams even integrated Microsoft Planner and OneNote.
  • Mobile application. Microsoft Teams truly changes the game here. User experience between desktop and mobile application is nearly identical. Users can call, open shared files, edit files, and even share screen from their mobile devices!

Simple chatting, Office 365 integration, and a stellar mobile application all allow for greater communication throughout the an organization as a whole, not matter how big or small.

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