Microsoft 365 and Peters & Associates: Secure Cloud Productivity, the Experts to Make it Real

1+1+1=3: There are no gimmicks here – Peters & Associates delivers secure productivity with Microsoft 365 (formerly “Secure Productive Enterprise”).

1  Microsoft produces excellent security products using $10 Billion in annual Research & Development with over $2 Billion funneled directly to security efforts.

+1   Peters & Associates is a gold-certified and industry-recognized leader in delivery of these products to mid-sized organizations.

+1   Your organization is in need of security guidance and controls to protect against threats to your data.

In this short video, you’ll see a combination of people, process, and technology helping insulate organizations from threats of modern actors. If you know us, you know that we take security seriously (if you don’t know us, these blogs are a good way to get to know us). While our security expertise stretches beyond Microsoft, when it comes to securing your cloud productivity environment, we like to leverage the tools in Microsoft’s Microsoft 365 suite.

Since 90% of organizational threats occur via email, we can help implement Advanced Threat Protection. Using Office 365 Secure Score , we can help you determine your baseline security posture and roadmap your path to a more secure cloud. Steps along that path will likely include implementation of data loss prevention, message encryption, or even information protection – wherever it leads, we’re happy to help.

Microsoft 365 can help to complete your overall security strategy. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more and give us a call!

Note: This video references something called “Secure Productive Enterprise” multiple times. Shortly after production, the suite was renamed “Microsoft 365.” Just one of the joys of working in a fast-paced industry. 🙂

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