Meraki MV Series Product Update and Comparison

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Security | 0 comments

Where to deploy my shiny new cameras?

With the expanded line of MV cameras, several more questions need answering before you purchase anything.  Two such questions are “Which locations do I need to cover?” and “What model should I cover them with?”  When the MV line of cameras first came out, the answer was simple.  Do you need an indoor (MV21) or outdoor camera (MV71)?

5 new updates to the MV Line – MV12 series, MV22 and MV72

The following chart helps to explain all of the major differences between the new and old cameras as well as between the fixed and varifocal cameras:

Camera ModelCameraLensFOV Horizontal x Vertical x Diagonal HDD SizeWLAN?Video RecordingOutdoor?
Latest Cameras
MV12n1/3″ 4MP3.8mm fixed73°x44°x86°256GByes1080p up to 20fpsno
MV12w1/3″ 4MP2.8mm fixed114°x61°x132°256GByes1080p up to 20fpsno
MV12we1/3″ 4MP2.8mm fixed114°x61°x132°128GByes1080p up to 20fpsno
MV221/3″ 4MP3-9mm varifocal36°-112°x20°-57°x42°x138°256GByes1080p up to 20fpsno
MV721/3″ 4MP3-9mm varifocal36°-112°x20°-57°x42°x138°256GByes1080p up to 20fpsyes
Legacy Cameras
MV211/3.2″ 5MP3-10mm varifocal28°-82°x21°-61°x37°-107°128GBno720pno
MV711/3.2″ 5MP3-10mm varifocal28°-82°x21°-61°x37°-107°128GBno720pyes


The following are some use cases for each camera type:

MV12nFixed narrow field of view, for monitoring access points to buildings.  No zoom.  Larger HDD.
MV12wFixed wide field of view for covering larger areas.  No zoom.  Larger HDD.
MV12weFixed wide field of view for covering larger rooms.  No zoom.  Smaller HDD.
MV22More flexible with a variable field of view with up to 3x optical zoom.  Larger HDD.
MV72Outdoor camera but identical to MV22

You might be asking, what are the differences between the old VM21/71 and the new MV12/22/72 series.  There are three key areas that have changed:

  • Advanced analytics using industry-leading chipset
  • Built-in microphone for audio recording
  • Compact design

Meraki continues to enhance their line with exiting improvements and we will be sure to provide update through our blogs as they become available.  If you would like to have a demonstration or learn more about Meraki Security Cameras or Meraki in general, email  We are happy to help!