Meraki Infrastructure – from the Small Business up to the Enterprise

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Meraki provides enterprise infrastructure products for an organization that operates with limited Information Technology (IT) resources.  If you have an IT staff of one to two individuals or dozens, you don’t have to worry as these products can scale well beyond a small IT group. Meraki is a perfect match for your networking and security needs in managing the complexities of your organizations infrastructure.  Meraki provides scaled solutions that enable you to go from an individual in an office to an enterprise full of users and devices. 

The Meraki Portal acts as a single pane of glass to manage the network and security stack for your organizationThe Meraki web portal provides access-anywhere internet viewing for your users and can be segmented to allow users to see only what they should.  The portal manages all your devices; you can allow administrative control to the devices for an individual or a group of users.  Manage, configure, and update your network devices from anywhere regardless of geography.  Lastly, the portal is a common interface that provides you the intelligence and management of your network devices, so you make right network and security decisions through the usage of the Insight product license. 

Meraki Solution Benefits to Your Business:

  • Security devices like firewalls that scale up from a handful of users to an enterprise.  The firewall solutions allow for SDWAN and failover circuits, such as a cellular card, to allow your organization to continually remain connected to the internet. 
  • Networking and switching for layer 2, layer 3, or aggregate switching needs.  Meraki has the right switch for you.  Meraki provides easy, flexible, secure switching for your organization with power over the ethernet (POE) ports and non-POE models available.  
  • Wireless networking access points that operate independent of a controller on premise.  These are configured and managed in the cloud.  Multiple antennae options are available that can be wide or narrow to fit the needs within the building, aisle, or structure. Also, locations analytics can be accomplished by using Bluetooth beacons. 
  • Meraki provides camera solutions that are quick to deploy, enterprise level, and flexible to fit your organizational needs.  Meraki has a broad line of cameras including the fixed, varifocal, and the new edition of a 360-degree fish eye camera.  It is easy to get started within your organization with connectivity and power over a single POE port.  No complex and difficult to setup DVR/NVR needed all the recording occurs on the device itself. 
  • With a Meraki solution you are able to leverage the Cisco organization.  Meraki is able to integrate seamlessly with other products, applications, and services in the Cisco offering, such as Umbrella.  Additionally, with Meraki products you are able to leverage the Cisco Talos network for on-going security updates, patches, and alerting. 
  • Meraki regularly rolls out new features and capabilities; all you need to do is enable and configure when at the right firmware level. 
  • Updating of your network devices through the web interface. Complete one or many in just seconds and you can even schedule the time for deployment. 

Example Use Case for a Typical Company 

Your organization has 10 branch sites across the midwest and you plan to have 10 more in the next 6 months.  Additionally, you have limited IT resources to manage the individual networks.   

  • Create a common configuration of your network equipment and ship to the new location.  Have them plug in and power on at the remote site and you can configure it remotely. 
  • So instead of going to each site you can configure, patch, and monitor all your network devices from one location.  Monitor the users and traffic as well as have a consistent centralized security posture for the organization as it continues to grow. 

Meraki provides a variety of solutions that can fit the needs of your business on the scale in which you require them.  Interested in learning more?  Contact us at – we are happy to help!