Meraki Cameras in the Enterprise

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Security | 0 comments

Business owners are increasingly feeling the need to have a record of what transpires on their premises for safety reasons and for legal protection.  Security cameras can help provide an accurate and indisputable record of activity and can also act as a deterrent for theft or other losses simply by their presence.  There are several options on the market; over our years in practice, we have come to recommend Meraki as security has been a strategic priority for Cisco and their solutions have consistently received high marks from our customers.

Meraki provides camera solutions that are quick to deploy, enterprise level, and flexible to fit your organizational needs.  Meraki has a broad line of cameras including the MV12W, MV21, MV22, MV71, and MV72 products. The MV12 is a fixed lens with the balance of the lines being Varifocal (Zoom Capable).  All the cameras provide up to 1080 HD picture quality.  Also, the Meraki web portal acts as the anywhere access internet viewing station for your users and can be segmented to allow users to see only what they should.

Meraki provides easy, movable security for your organization with power over the Ethernet (POE) ports or the ability with an adapter to replace legacy cameras.  Hang, Plug-in, and Go…Plug into the network POE port, then you are ready to aim and focus the camera.  No special wiring just a camera, ethernet cable, and a POE switch.  You can even go wireless with the cameras with power coming from traditional means.

Meraki has many upcoming capabilities, which are released regularly.  One asked-for capability to be released is that the cameras have the ability for additional storage on a cloud service.  As you likely know, cloud storage is one of the best ways to ensure that this information stays secure and is available when you need it.  Also, Meraki presently does not have a Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera option, but it will come over time.

There are several benefits of deploying a Meraki Solution:

  • High definition (HD) quality video with motion and schedule-based retention.
  • Fully encrypted technology.
  • Ability to update the cameras from a single pane of glass in the portal.
  • No independent expensive recorder (NVR/DVR)
    • Redundancy is built into the camera since they are all recorded locally.
    • No network video recorders (NVRs), servers, or on-premises hardware that are expensive to purchase and maintain.
    • No multiple software packages, manual configuration, and complexity in management.
    • Network vulnerability protection from those attempting to hack your organization or steal your data.
  • Ability to perform analysis through the analytics capabilities of the camera and web interface.

As mentioned earlier, these cameras are beneficial not just from a security standpoint, but also for monitoring your business and human resources as a whole.  Some other examples where they can provide value are:

  • Capturing video for all human resource matters.  This provides invaluable documentation of disputes, altercations, accidents, and fraud, among other activities, as they occur.
  • In the manufacturing space, a site can utilize the camera technology to do time studies and eliminate waste out of processes.  Through analyzing the data, the camera essentially becomes a Kaizen and 5S tool that allows manufacturing organizations to try to eliminate waste as part of cost savings and Lean programs.
  • In the retail space, cameras can be used to track traffic, people, and heat map patterns within the local store. This can help with strategic placement of key products in places that the customer frequents and increase store revenue.

The possibilities are endless!  If you want to learn more about Meraki solution or discuss how to strategically implement security cameras in your offices, contact us at  We are happy to help!