A managed security service provider specializes in keeping your business safe and secure from cyber threats in the workplace. Data protection is essential in today’s work environment, as a data breach can lead to significant costs and damage the reputation of any company. An IT managed security services provider will always keep your information safe by offering a wide range of IT services to counteract the ever-growing number of cyber attacks that target businesses.

Here are just five ways that a managed security services provider can protect your company in today’s digital work environment.

#1 Initial Security Assessment

One of the first steps in keeping your business protected is to perform an initial security assessment to identify any potential areas of weakness within your company. A managed security services provider will identify any weak points in your business and immediately begin working on a solution. An IT service provider will also perform these security assessments on a routine basis to ensure that your business has the best protection against any cyber threats.

#2 Advanced Endpoint Protection

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Advanced endpoint protection focuses on securing each endpoint on a network that is accessed by mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. Endpoint protection is especially important in today’s workplace, as more employees are bringing their own devices to work. Keeping all of these devices secure is always a top priority for an IT service provider.

#3 Automatic Security Updates

Cyber threats continue to evolve and pose significant risks to businesses. Many of these cyber attacks take advantage of software vulnerabilities that can cause data loss and significant downtime. However, a managed security services provider will automatically download the latest updates to give your company the best protection against these cyber threats. These automatic downloads will also save your employees time, as they will not have to worry about manually downloading updates.

#4 Employee Security Awareness Training

Many times a cybersecurity incident is the result of employee mistakes in the workplace. For example, phishing scams and social engineering attacks are designed to trick employees into providing confidential information. The 2019 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report stated, “Employees of smaller organizations were more likely to be hit by email threats—including spam, phishing, and email malware—than those in large organizations.”

A managed services provider can reduce the chance of this happening by offering employee security training seminars that cover a wide range of IT topics. Well-educated employees are much less likely to commit common mistakes and will recognize potential cyber threats in the workplace.

#5 Password Policies

small business cyber security

An IT service provider will implement password policies to ensure that all of your applications and data are well-protected from cybercriminals. These policies will require employees to create complex passwords that make it almost impossible for hackers to gain access to confidential information.

Many employees revert to using the same password for all applications because it is difficult to remember complex passwords.  In addition, these are typically simple passwords that make it easy for employees to remember them, but it also makes it easy for cybercriminals to hack them.  The most common password used by more than 23.2 million accounts is “123456,” however, the words “password” and “qwerty” are used by more than 3 million accounts.

A password manager is also helpful in managing complex passwords for multiple accounts, as it will save employees a lot of time and is protected with encryption. Keeping your company protected is a top priority for your businesses.

A managed security services provider offers the ultimate protection against cyber threats by providing security assessments, advanced endpoint protection, security updates, employee training, and implementing password policies. New cyber threats will only continue to emerge in the workplace, and an IT service provider is an excellent choice for any business.

Your decision to outsource your IT managed security services allows your company to access IT experts, reduces cost, and ensures professional IT experts, reduces costs, and minimizes distractions in the workplace. New cybersecurity trends continue to evolve, and an IT managed security service provider can play a key role in keeping your business protected through the use of the latest technology and security updates.

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