Managed Mobility Management + Cloud + Security

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Security | 0 comments

As the complexity of enterprise applications and computing environments increases, protection of company data also needs to evolve. Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite (EMS) helps to ensure that corporate data is secure. With solutions, such as Intune, Azure Active Directory, and Cloud App Security, you are heading in the right direction to upgrade your security.

It is great that there are these solutions to help with mobile management and cloud security, but where do you start and how do you continue to support it? Your typical Infrastructure engineer role is changing and with more tools in the toolbox, your business starts to depend more on the IT department.

Sure, the cloud will save you a line item on your budget and may help reduce your IT investment, but keeping up with any environment cloud or on premise now requires a security focus.  The focus on security can’t just be “wing it” anymore, because the cyber threats are real and now the government is heavily involved – whether you are regulated or not.

With EMS, Intune can manage the configuration and patching of your devices, plus help keep inventory of what hardware or software you have out in the “wild.” Azure Active Directory can send critical or high alerts and has advanced security reporting.

Lastly, Cloud App Security can help to determine your risk and exposure. It does so by identifying all of the cloud applications in your network, accessed from any device, and provides risk scoring, ongoing risk assessment, and analytics. Additionally, Cloud App Security provides more granular control and policies for data sharing and data loss prevention in your cloud applications. It doesn’t stop there; it also has threat protection for your cloud applications that is enhanced with threat intelligence and research, so you can identify high-risk usage, security incidents, and detect abnormal user behavior to prevent threats.

So, there are solutions you can leverage from Microsoft EMS to become more secure, but the question is who is going to manage them for your organization? What if we could tell you that we can support it all? Yes, all of it. But why choose a Managed Services Provider anyway right?

The advantages of using an MSP:

  • An MSP is skilled and has experienced resources – a lot of them.
  • An MSP is a Microsoft Partner, and must keep up with training demands to retain this status with Microsoft.
  • An MSP as a Security Operations Team.
  • An MSP is experienced managing EMS for clients.
  • It’s cost effective – spend cents per day instead of a few Security experts’ salaries–which by the way start at around $90,000 or more.
  • You can focus on your business because cyber security isn’t going away anytime soon. The problem is only going to get worse.

If you have or are thinking about purchasing EMS, we have starter kits for support to help you implement the solutions and provide full support and management of them. If you are interested in learning more about our Support Services, contact us at for a complimentary consultation.