Managed Firewall Services – Reasons to have it

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Managed Services | 0 comments

Managing your firewall is taxing on your people and your business. You have to maintain the level of expertise, ensure everything is documented, and make sure that if someone leaves you can quickly ramp up another resource – hoping that the backup tech you trained for the past year can do the job as well as your senior engineer.

Many companies are leaving the old model of managing their firewalls in-house and partnering with Managed Services Providers (MSP). Here are some advantages to having Managed Firewall services.

Cost savings

  • Save on the costs of equipment and resources needed for the entire firewall system. With firewalls evolving, your security experts on your team need to evolve with technology.

A team of security experts

  • Security jobs are increasing in the market and so is the demand. The average security expert stays with a company for less than 2 years. A managed services provider manages the resources and the turnover, not you.  They provide an entire team of security resources, not just a few (which is an average for most businesses).

IT is not your core business

  • Stop investing money in parts of your IT department that require a lot of effort and specialized skills. The cost of diverting valuable time and money from your core business can be a distraction from actually running your business. Security jobs are increasing in the market and so is the demand. Let a managed services provider manage the resources and the turnover, not you.

24×7 Monitoring

  • Ever come into the office with your firewall down? Managed Services providers typically offer a replacement plan in an event there is a failure for hardware, and they also have backup configurations for all of your firewalls. You shouldn’t experience long downtime with a provider.

Internal Threats

  • It can be helpful to have external eyes on your activity because sometimes internal resources are more lenient on certain web activities than they should be. A Managed Services provider will guide you on what activities are high risk compared to others. There are typically basic rules and requirements for every Managed Firewall service.

As technology advances, network security will become the most important aspect in the IT business. Our Managed Firewall Service is responsible for resolving firewall issues and maintaining the system. We monitor your firewall through our PULSE Alarm Security Monitoring solution as well.

Our Managed Firewall service ensures that best practices and policies requirements are provided for each firewall to ensure you remain protected. Interested in learning more?  Contact our Support Services at or 630.832.0075 for a complimentary consultation.