StoreFront servers can be configured in server groups in order to maintain redundancy and help with load balancing. Keeping the StoreFront configurations in sync, however, is not an automated process. If you are also using HTTPS on your Base URL, there may be another configuration that you should be reviewing after updating the server group.  Read on to learn more!

Propagating Changes

Configuration changes, as discussed, may be updated from any server in the group.

  • I have learned it is best to make changes from the same server and then propagate those changes to the remaining servers in the group.
  • The StoreFront console Server Group node is where you have the option to Propagate Changes. This is where you can also add or remove servers to a group or change the base URL for the site.
  • The Server Group node contains a server details section where it will display the status of the configuration synchronization. It will show the source of the last propagation with the date and time and if the servers are in sync.

If you Change the Base URL, servers should be reviewed after propagation

Updating the base URL keeps the user experience streamlined. By default, users will need to enter the full URL: If using a group, you should add the load balanced name (requires additional DNS and LB configuration) to the base URL:  In this configuration, a user does not need to enter the ‘/Citrix/StoreWeb’ as part of the URL. A user can enter the load-balanced name or an individual StoreFront server name and they will be will be redirected to the full URL:

When using HTTPS in the base URL and propagating changes to a server group, I have found that the web.config file on servers receiving the changes may not have the full URL in the redirection. So, if a user does not add the HTTPS, enter the load balanced name or an individual StoreFront server name and they will not be redirected to the HTTPS URL.  Instead the URL may remain HTTP:

When updating the Base URL, the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config file should have the full URL in the redirect.

<httpRedirect enabled=”true” destination=”” childOnly=”true” />

When you propagate StoreFront changes to other servers in the group, the receiving servers may not have the full URL in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\web.config file.

<httpRedirect enabled=”true” destination=”/Citrix/StoreWeb” childOnly=”true” />

You may need to update the web.config file on the receiving servers for the full URL.

Maintain a healthy StoreFront server group to keep your user experience consistent. Need more information? Email We are happy to help.