I was honored to be invited to present at the 5th ISACA Chicago Chapter Women’s Forum last week!  It was an insightful event focused on the unique needs, opportunities, and challenges faced by women in the field.  In addition to my presentation, there was a panel discussion on what it actually means to “Lean In” and a session on personal branding.  One of my favorite discussion topics was how to handle juggling all the “balls in the air” and remembering that some are rubber and some are glass – what great advice!

Becoming Agile!

In the dynamic world of business today, traditional approaches to organizational design and processes are no longer effective, and organizations must become more agile in order to thrive and in some cases merely survive.  From my personal experience in business and my Ph.D. research studies over the past two years, I shared my findings on the elements of teams that are successful in continuously changing environments.  These include leaders that set the vision and strategy while acting as a coach/mentor to the team and supporting systems and structures that help harness the power of data to make faster and better informed decisions.  In light of all of the data breaches lately, we also need to ensure that we provide knowledge to customers, partners, and end users while keeping a focus on security around critical systems and information.

Some key takeaways:

  • Things are changing and the pace is only accelerating
  • We can meet the needs of the current business environment through
    • Creating thriving and agile teams
    • Collaborating and supporting each other as women leaders
    • Leveraging tools and technology to gain insight and knowledge about our business
    • Ensure your data is accurate, accessible, and protected!

If you would like to learn more about Organizational Agility or how Business Intelligence solutions can enable you to become more effective, please email me directly at Rachael.Narel@peters.com!

For more information about ISACA, please visit the local Chicago chapter website, http://www.isaca.org/chapters1/chicago/Pages/default.aspx