Is Your SCCM Environment Healthy? 

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Infrastructure

There are many important factors when looking at applications with a lot of moving parts. While maintaining technology infrastructure there are specific areas that can be watched to keep applications healthy. Managed service providers like Peters & Associates can help provide that guidance.  

Where should the focus be?

Health checks are specifically designed to focus on the application processes that keep environments running smoothly. Proactive tasks are built during the System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) installation allowing us to keep the application healthy. 

  • An important integration within the SCCM console is the monitoring section where site and component status modules can be found. Within the site status, the health of the SQL server, software updates, & distribution points can be found in real-time. Under component status, there are more detailed views of independent processes running in the background for services like Intune, WSUS, replication, backups, inventory, and many other features. 
  • Taking a deeper look at the monitoring is also understanding that each component within the application is always logging. The logging repository provides debugging level details for all communication with the SCCM application. Understanding where and what to look for within these individual log files is important for understanding how to resolve issues when they arise. 
  • As a last resort, an application always needs the ability to restore functionality from a catastrophic event. Within SCCM the maintenance functionality not only backs up the application, but also the SQL schema as well. This provides the ability to restore the application without the need for server-side backups. Once the restore from the application backup is performed the field clients would simply be polled and data for day-to-day activity would be restored. 

What’s Next?

Identifying key areas to monitor to mitigate risks provides a long-term health strategy for the application environment. Taking the built-in logic to expand with 3rd party or extend integrations to on-site or cloud products is what SCCM was designed for. Keeping your systems updated is important not only from a maintenance standpoint, but from a security aspect as well.   

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