Is the Cloud in your future?

by | Sep 9, 2021 | Cloud | 0 comments

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught many organizations that staff can work from anywhere and be productive. Many companies are deciding that employees are no longer required to be onsite in an office space to do their jobs. This is leading companies to review their existing building footprint and associated costs. As part of this assessment, there should be an analysis of disaster recovery options and maintaining high availability to support remote workers.

This has led many organizations, both small-medium and enterprise businesses to ask: Should we move to the Cloud? Many have already dipped their toe with a move to Office 365 or backup to Azure and have found many benefits; but putting all the proverbial eggs in one hosted basket is still not commonplace.

Moving all systems into the Cloud is not an overnight event. It needs a well-defined plan based on analysis of end-user and business requirements, existing systems, amount of data and security. You may choose to move in phases over 1-3 years or you may decide to plunge into the deep end – but before you decide, consider performing a Cloud Study.

What makes up a Cloud Study?


  • Review servers, storage, backup, application and rank in priority
  • Collect usage statistics on servers, bandwidth
  • Review user requirements and remote access
  • Compile current security concerns and existing policies
  • Collect analytics for 1-2 weeks with periodic checks to ensure validity and continued data gathering
  • Document existing on-premises costs including circuits, Internet


  • Analyze collected data, document findings and recommendations
  • Perform pricing calculators to determine budgetary costs and comparison to current costs
  • Assess strategies to maintain security polices, changes, options
  • Work on high level plan of action with benefit / cost analysis


  • Creation of overview of current environment
  • Documentation of pricing for security, replication, connectivity and storage of servers / data in Azure Cloud
  • Development of high level action plan and recommended approach

Moving systems and services to the Cloud can be complex and may be costly if not fully planned. A Cloud Study is essential to provide guidance and to minimize disruption during the process. Peters & Associates is available to partner with your Team to analyze your requirements and build that blueprint to the Cloud. If you would like more information on how we can help you please contact us at