The Benefits of Integration: Why Your Business Needs an Integrated Approach to IT Security

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In an increasingly dangerous cyber world, IT security can no longer be treated as an add-on or afterthought; it needs to factor into everything you do.

To protect your business and customer data, you need an integrated approach to IT security. From how you collect data on the back-end to how you distribute and manage it on the front-end, security must play a role at every step along the way.

With a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to IT security, businesses can cut costs, improve compliance and better protect customers and critical operations.

Lower Costs

Integrated IT Security

Disjointed security solutions with many moving parts and disparate software add unnecessary costs and complexity to a security solution. While integrating IT security can be expensive, not doing so opens businesses up to considerable risk – and the cost of a data breach is far higher than the cost of preventative security.

By bringing your IT security solutions under one umbrella, you can consolidate your costs and improve your security solutions’ efficiency.

Protect from Real-Time Threats

Integrated IT Security

Real-time monitoring is one of the key benefits of integrated IT security, and one of the most important. In many cases, a business will only learn that its data has been compromised when customers start to complain, and by then, it will be too late to remedy; once lost, the trust of the impacted customers will be almost impossible to regain.

With integrated IT security, monitoring can be done in real-time, so threats can be detected before they turn into security breaches. The ever-evolving nature of security breaches makes real-time monitoring essential, and integrated IT security is one of the best ways to achieve it.

Simplify and Improve Compliance

Integrated IT Security

Data protection is more than just good business – in many cases, it’s the law. From healthcare companies to financial firms, businesses in many industries are required by law to safeguard their data and report any suspected security breaches or attacks. For example, any company with customers in the European Union must be GDPR-compliant, even if the business does not operate in the EU.

Failure to report data breaches or adequately safeguard customer data can result in millions of dollars in fines, not to mention the cost of losing trust and customers. Integrating your IT security can make complying with these government and industry regulations easier in several different ways.

For one thing, integrated IT security puts everything under a single roof, making reporting and recordkeeping far easier and much less costly. In addition, integrating your IT security solutions can make detecting potential intrusions easier, essentially stopping data breaches before they have a chance to harm your business or compromise customer data.

Further, implementing an integrated IT security solution can provide advance warning of emerging threats. By identifying weaknesses in your firewalls and other data protections, integrated IT security can help you shore up your defenses, enhancing compliance, lowering costs and helping you operate more effectively.

The Reliable Way to Secure Your Business

Integrated IT Security

The world of cybersecurity has never been more complicated or treacherous. In an environment where any vulnerability will quickly become a glaring target for hackers, a singular security strategy is not enough; businesses need to take every precaution they can to keep themselves safe. Just as homeowners might leave their doors locked, lights on, alarm system activated and watchdogs ready when they leave the house, businesses should layer their security system with every defense they have available.

In this dangerous business environment, IT security integration is not optional – and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start protecting your customers, data and enterprise.

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