Integrated Backup and Security: Your IT Grand Slam

by | May 14, 2019 | Security | 0 comments

Play Ball! The Cubs players back each other up in the field to make sure no errors are made. Similarly, we’ve assembled a team designed to help your organization with data protection. Peters & Associates, Veeam, and ExaGrid teamed up to discuss backup strategies and organizational protection. Learn the blueprints to knock it out of the park with a long-term integrated IT strategy for your organization. To kick off the day Peters’ very own Bob Peruzzo introduced our star lineup.

First up, Veeam’s Patrick Shea discussed the importance of backup and data security. Patrick explained what makes Veeam unique and how Veeam works with ExaGrid to provide a comprehensive solution for data backup.

Veeam Datamover

On deck, was Steve Bishko to discuss the advantages of ExaGrid’s stack-able architecture. With ExaGrid’s dedicated backup appliances, you can achieve shorter backup windows, faster recovery times, and a more scalable backup solution.

ExaGrid and Veeam - Better Together

Finally, coming in clutch, Adam Gassensmith closed out with a presentation on the elements of proper backup management. Peters support and management is unparalleled with 24×7 monitoring, failure remediation, recovery testing, emergency assistance, and expert advice. The components below are all a part of a backup management strategy:

Backup Management Chart

Does your backup management program cover all the bases?

Download the slide deck here!

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