Incident Response Team 

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Security

The goal of Incident Response is to reduce and contain the scope of an incident and ensure that IT assets are returned to service as quickly as possible. We have written about the importance of having and testing an Incident Response Plan in Everything You Need to Know About Incident Response Plans. 

The core of the Incident Response Plan (IRP) is the Incident Response Team (IRT). While some in the organization may assume that the plan is the responsibility of the Information Technology Department, it must be understood there are many responsibilities that are not specific to IT.  

For Example: Do you have cyber-security insurance?  

Who is responsible for notification to the insurance company? 

Below are areas that should be addressed when assigning responsibilities for your IRT:

Your IRP isn’t a stand-alone document. It should be part of a comprehensive and strategic contingency effort, combined with business continuity planning, crisis management, disaster recovery, and life safety. Your trusted advisors at Peters & Associates are here to assist you with these planning efforts. Contact us at